Many of Balance's clients have enjoyed The War Machine® Suspended Pulley System as part of their training and rehab over the last few months. Now it is available to gyms, clubs, fitness enthusiasts personal trainers and coaches across the UK and Ireland on our shop website


Many are familiar with suspension training in gyms, studio classes and home training for versatile strength and conditioning sessions using bodyweight. The use of pulleys in exercise and rehabilitation equipment is also not new, pulley systems have been used in physiotherapy settings across Europe for over a century. Crosscore however have spent some time drawing it all together to develop a robust and versatile piece of quality equipment to allow us to benefit from suspension, pulley and being able to add additional resistance.

Total Gym, TRX, Lifeline's Jungle Gym (which we continue to recommend and use) have gone a long way to bring functional training concepts to the fore. CrosscoreUSA have done professionals providing rehabilitation, health and fitness, strength and conditioning services a big favour by providing an industrial strength suspension AND pulley training system at a home training price.

Remember though, users need to learn how to get the most from every piece of equipment they attach their bodyweight to. The term functional training is misunderstood, overused, misused and the concepts badly taught and delivered to trainees inappropriately  (both recreational and world class) so learning is essential, by both trainees and coaches. Often the recreational athlete or health and fitness enthusiast is progressed to quickly from an inadequate base of movement skills and the professional athlete is held back doing low level early rehab drills by well meaning trainers and coaches.

As ever Balance Performance is at the forefront of education and will be teaching sports injury and back pain specialists, strength, conditioning and personal trainers and our own rehab and training clients the intention of, and most effective techniques, using the WarMachine. Along with Rannoch Donald of Simple Strength and Kettlebells Scotland we will be delivering this education and certification programme across Europe thanks to the relationship we have built with JP Brice and Brendan Cosso of Crosscore,Inc (

To date we have seen clients on the War Machine® Pulley Training System at Balance Performance for many and diverse reasons including shoulder, thoracic spine and low back rehabilitation, recovery from orthopaedic surgery (including paediatric ops), to supplement training for sports from brazilian ju jitsu to climbing, rugby to skiing, and simply to add an extra challenging dimension to fitness training.

The pulley, once you have taken the challenge and pulled the pin offers smooth, free flowing motion in the upper body, lower body and trunk. To do it well demands co-ordination of movement through all the major joints using total body control. As with all training, use of the War Machine is completely scalable - meaning that whether you are one of the professional Rugby Union players or elite climbers who has tried it out, or someone reganining confidence following years of deconditioning because of chronic low back pain you can make use of the WarMachine by adjusting your starting positions and modifying the speed and range of your movements.

Here are some of the War Machine's features, we will soon develop the website to give more insight into training with suspension and pulley training, education workshops and coach certifications. In meantime the WarMachine can be ordered from the Balance shop site

The War Machine’s Patent Pending pulley now gives body weight training enthusiasts added resistance options such as freeweight and resistance band in addition to just body weight. The adjustable cam buckle strap allows the War Machine® to be attached to many different anchor points inside and outside. This would include squat racks, pull-up bars, tree limbs, beams, doors, etc. The basic War Machine package includes the War Machine® unit, training manual, training DVD and a door anchor.

How the War Machine® differs from traditional “suspended type” trainers
Here is the short list of how the War Machine differs from other trainers on the market:
•    Patent Pending Pulley System – The War Machine’s locking pulley system is an industry first. The Locked-N-Loaded™ feature allows the user to lock the pulley in place (Static Mode) via the magnetic locking pin for more stability while performing exercises or Open Mode (PULL THE PIN) for more advanced movements such as tri-planar presses and rotational exercises.
•    Counter Weight and Resistance Bands – The capabilities of the War Machine® are greatly enhanced with the use of counter weights (dumbbells, weight plates, kettlebells, etc.) and resistance bands. Spacing two War Machine® units approximately eight feet apart allows the user to mimic a cable crossover machine that you’d find in a commercial gym. This is especially valuable to our troops that are in isolated areas and do not have access to gym equipment for weeks on end.
•    Built In Door Anchor – The War Machine® is the only trainer of its kind to include a built in door anchor. Therefore the user is always prepared for any type of anchor point that is within reach. Traditional “suspended type” trainers have door anchors that are bulky and have to be detached when not in use.
•    Pull-Ups – Most similar training devices do not allow for one of the most popular exercises of our time to be performed, the pull-up! The War Machine’s locking carabiner system allows for the handles to be locked in place at the top of the pulley housing making it possible to perform exercises such as pull-ups and knee raises.

Who is currently using the War Machine®?
The War Machine® is currently used and endorsed by UCLA in addition to the US Military, Professional MMA fighters, collegiate athletes, professional athletes, Hollywood actors, and fitness enthusiasts all over the world. “The War Machine is like similar body weight trainers, but on steroids!” say various purchasing agents within the USMC. One thing all War Machine customers seem to agree on is that it’s Patent Pending Pulley System catapults it into a whole new dimension of training never seen before with any other product of its kind. 


To speak with someone about using the WarMachine at your gym, rehab centre or training facility contact Jonathan or Rannoch via the Balance Performance contact page on our main site.

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