Before we went online with our retail products the Trigger Point Therapy range was very popular with our clients and our sports injury, back pain, sports massage and strength and conditioning pro’s highly recommended the rollers and massage balls as key to being able to sustain the work done in treatment, rehab or training sessions that worked to reduce tension in muscles that were causing pain, dysfunction or reduced performance.

Now we are online the bundles of TPT products – the Total Package, Hip and Low Back Kit, and the Performance Foot And Lower Leg Kit have proven popular with recreational runners and triathletes in particular. Possibly down to the endorsements from Timex Ironman Triathlon Team and a host of other athletes sponsored by TPT in the USA. Stacks of triathletes of course but also MMA fighter Pete Spratt, Figure Competitor Monica Brant and many US Pro Sports teams in the NFL, NHL, MLB.

In every package there is a DVD (and a book in the total package) and maybe this is what our customers are looking for – the all important education element that makes a good product into an indispensable tool!