Cross Fit Central blog writer Jeremy Thiel gave a glowing recommendation to his blog readers to learn about the benefits of Trigger Point Performance tools for self massage and injury prevention.

Thiel was commenting on a conversation he had with a “Cross Fitter” on the subject of “Crazy or Committed” (referring to Cross Fit/Iron Man/Ultradistance runners etc. Having met Cassidy Phillips owner and developer of Trigger Point Performance Thiel said of Cassidy Phillips “Cassidy is CRAZY ….. CRAZY COMMITTED is more like it. I think he is world class and I plan to work with him to bring trigger point performance to the Crossfit CRAZIES around the world!”.

As Cross Fit and the countless others who realise the benefit of using multiple training tools (kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, bodyweight, sandbags, club bells etc etc) grow in number, Balance is hoping they will also realise the necessity of having a committed approach to recovery and regeneration from high quality and intense physical training.Using TPT products can be a very powerful part of that.

IF you have any questions about the Trigger Point Performance range and how to get the most from these products, or any of the other tools sold on the Balance site, please contact Jonathan by email or call 02076272308 and I will call you back as soon as possible.