On March 25th I flew to Austin, Texas, headquarters for Cassidy Phillip[s and his Trigger Point Performance team. Not only did I gain even more knowledge on how best to communicate he benefits of these performance enhancing tools to clients at our London clinic but also appreciate the versatility of the TPT massage ball and the effectiveness of the Grid for core conditioning.

Its always easier to talk, explain and demonstrate the benefits in our face to face meetings with clients but more challenging to pass the education on to our online shop customers across the UK and Europe (Germany and Ireland in particular). 1 way that Trigger Point Performance achieve an ongoing process of education for those who purchase their products is via their blog and facebook groups. Frequently updated with new videos and articles if you already own Trigger Point equipment or are considering getting them it is well worth checking out: TPT Blog

Balance will be increasing its educational programme for the benefit of a wide range of groups around the UK: track athletes; those in the Kettlebell, Cross Fit and general fitness communities; city workers looking for workplace solutions for back, neck and arm pain; traithlon, running, and combat sport/martial arts clubs. We’d also like to work with chiropractics, physiotherapists, osteopaths, sports masseurs, podiatrists to show them the results their clients could be getting by introducing TPT to them. So if your club or therapist could benefit get them to contact us and we can arrange to do some teaching.

Coming soon to the shop will be the SMRT-CORE DVDs that accompany the Grid so you can get maximum return on your investment and work on dynamic core strength, stability and control.