Steve Cotter has busied himself over the last few years travelling the world sharing his incredible knowledge and inspiring Kettlebell teachers to go beyond what they previously thought was possible. His book/DVD combo complete Guide to Kettlebell Lifting has been incredibly popular and coming very soon is new DVD aimed at Tennis players and their coaches to improve their conditioning for the demands of their sport. 

Having worked with professional tennis players over the last 10 years I know that even the very best would benefit incredibly from Steve's next DVD - "Yin and Yang of Kettlebells for Tennis!!!"

Mike Mahler says of it "Now this looks like a great DVD for not only tennis players but everyone that enjoys training with kettlebells. Looks like you hit it out of the park again Steve! Nice work."

If you want to be notified when this DVD is available in the UK and Europe drop me a line and i will put you on the waiting list. For other products from Steve Cotter go to the DVD and Book section on this site.