• GS Competition Kettlebell

GS Competition Kettlebell

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GS (Girevoy Sport) Steel Competition Kettlebell

"Manufactured to the highest tolerances for Wolverson, using the best casting methods, powering the best athletes around the world."

Recommended by Sergey Rudnev, Steve Cotter (our very good friend, world class teacher of Kettlebell Techniques) and many others in the kettlebell community. Including us here at Balance, with over a decade of teaching experience and the UKs longest running kettlebell gym, Wolverson Kettlebells are the only kettlebells we will sell.


After extensive consultation with the UK's leading authorities on Girevoy Sport, Wolverson set out to design and produce the next generation in competition Kettlebells.The result was the Wolverson GS Competition Kettlebell.


Compliant with both the International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL) and the Girevoy Sport Union (GSU) standards and constructed using the most up to date casting methods we have produced a kettlebell that has a number of unique design features:


  1. 35mm thick bare metal handles with a newly designed handle. The new casting methods we employ guarantee a consistent handle shape and thickness whilst improving the grip and comfort.
  2. The redesigned and now “ergonomic” handles have a uniform clearance and shape across the entire range with the new design providing a larger area of contact when the kettlebell is in a racked position than all previous designs. This means higher reps and more comfort!
  3. The new construction method increases accuracy of the weight specified to around +/- 100g.
  4. No More Rattle! with other competition Kettlebells you may have experienced an occasional rattle as the filling inside the KB settles, With our new design there is actually an open aperture in the base of the KB so this will never happen, and our single piece casting design also means that the base of our Kettlebells really is perfectly flat!
  5. We are now producing our Kettlebells with the colour coding system widely used in Europe and the USA. This means continuity throughout  Europe!
  6. Buy with confidence from the UK's largest kettlebell seller.