• 08 kg Competition Kettlebell

08 kg Competition Kettlebell

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20% off to sell last of the older design - these are the ones WE still happily use at Balance.

The 8kg kettlebells are the typical weights for women starting out on their health and fitness programmes, or men and women regaining confidence after an injury, surgery, post-natally or after a prolonged break from training. Some find the size of a steel 8kg intimidating, this is unecessary, simply take time to become acclimatised to its dimensions and do not allow it to force you to overextend. 

For the petite or those lacking confidence following a period of back pain take your time and take guidance on achieving the correct "rack" position. The rack is the position when the kettlebell is held close to the shoulder and trunk.

The 8kg is pink, if this disturbs you work harder and progress to a 10kg asap. Alternately perform a kettlebell makeover.

Steel Competition Kettlebells are the type that many new to kettlebells are choosing instead of cast iron. There are several reasons for choosing steel rather than iron, and iron rather than steel. Without getting over excited about it we have written a few words on the subject, take a look: click here.

Many dont worry themselves on the differences and stick with what they used or saw first!

“It’s no secret that kettlebells have proven themselves to be one of the most effective training tools in existence for developing every attribute on the physical/athletic continuum – strength, endurance, core strength, agility, flexibility and the list goes on.” Steve Cotter – President and Founder of the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation.

Balance has been using kettlebells since 2003 and it has radically changed the way we treat, rehabilitate and train our clients.You have to have a quality bell and you need an experienced coach.