Back Pain (Exercise Your Way to Health)

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Low Back Pain: Help yourself to Health will show you how to manage your back pain by helping you to gain a better understanding of the causes and how this affects your body and health. Armed with this information you can make informed choices about how you live your life. Low back pain There is no reason why low back pain should stop you living a full and active life. Help yourself to Health will show you how to include a simple fitness programme into your life, whilst considering the specific challenges you face with acute and chronic back pain. You will start to see improvements within 6 weeks, when you can re-test your baseline fitness. This will be all the motivation you need to keep your new lifestyle on track to a happier and healthier you!

Paula Coates is a practicing physiotherapist. She writes for a number of fitness magazines and is a regular on the lecture circuit. Paula is also a keen runner and has completed five marathons.