Encyclopedia Of Kettlebell Lifting Series 2 - from Steve Cotter

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Encyclopedia Of Kettlebell Lifting Series 2 - The World Largest DVD Series On Kettlebells With Over 8 Hours Of Instruction And Training Programs From Steve Cotter

Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting Series 2 is the continuation of the massive and best selling Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting Series 1 created by Steve Cotter. With over 220 new techniques, this DVD series will take any serious Kettlebell lifter's technical skill and knowledge to the highest level possible. Picking up were the first series ended, Cotter adds to the techniques shown on the original set with more advanced and challenging lifts. Additionally, Cotter teaches some of his favorite personal lifts like his Kettlebell BOSU system, Kettlebell juggling and his popular Explode! series of lifts. You will also be taken though Steve Cotters own private Kettlebell workout that is responsible for his own his unique and unequaled power and strength with the Kettlebells. This workout was designed for you to follow along with Cotter from the warm up to each amazing lift he does! As an added bonus, an additional 10 programs are included for general conditioning, core training, anaerobic conditioning, mobility, strength and power and overall cardio. This is without a doubt the most comprehensive series on Kettlebell lifting ever created!