• Anti burst Exercise Gym Balls
  • Anti burst Exercise Gym Balls

Anti burst Exercise Gym Balls

£14.50 GBP

These gym balls are anti-burst (this doesnt mean they cant be punctured just that they wont deflate rapidly) and tested to withstand 250kg, so if you are using the exercise ball with additional weight - to perform dumbbell or barbell exercises for example -  consider your total weight. If its heavy let us know and we can supply one made to withstand 500kg safely.

We have 4 sizes, choose based on the use you intend for it or your height:
45cm for those with a height of approx 5’
55cm for those with a height under 5’5"
65cm for those with a height of 5’6"-5’11"
75cm. for those with a height of 6’ plus

Gym balls were originally used in the rehabilitation of patients with neuroligical problems such as those caused by stroke. Since that time they have found their way into every aspect of health, fitness and rehabilitation.

They have many benefits including:

- assisting movement and control awareness with weight shifts and transfers.
- the training effect on the body’s stabilising systems
- versatility, allowing a great variety of exercises from numerous starting positions
- as well as challenging balance and control they can also make some movements easier such as pelvic tilt and weight shifting/transference drills.
- increasingly used in pregnancy and labour to offer support and relief in various positions.