• Hip And Lower Back Kit
  • Hip And Lower Back Kit

Hip And Lower Back Kit

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Trigger Point Technologies put this “Hip and Lower Back kit” together as the ultimate package to massage and maintain the muscles around the Hip and Lower Back areas. We would recommend it as one of the essential proactive elements of your rehabilitation process and beyond for anyone having aches and pains in areas such as:

•IT Band
•Sciatic Nerve
•Lower Back
•this is obviously not an exhaustive list

We would highly recommend you consult a professional who is part of a team experienced in addressing sports injuries, spinal problems and able to take you all the way back to full function.

The Hip and Lower Back kit consists of all the tools you need to conduct the massage manipulations that we outline on the Hip and Lower Back Instructional DVD. The instructional DVD is included in the kit to show you exactly how to use the tools effectively and efficiently.