• Kettlebell Lifting Guide Book and DVD
  • Kettlebell Lifting Guide Book and DVD

Kettlebell Lifting Guide Book and DVD

£39.95 GBP

Steve Cotters “The Complete Guide to Kettlebell Lifting”.

The regular price is set to be £59.99 but in conjunction with Steve in the US we are offering it at an INTRODUCTORY PRICE of £39.99 – can’t get it cheaper on Amazon! It comes as a combo set to include a DVD so you can see the drills in motion.

This book is packed with all of the top lifts in full color detail showing not only the lifts themselves, but important tips and mistakes that many lifters make. Following “Shihan” tradition of making the very best extreme fitness products, this fantastic book took over one year to complete. With 250 pages of techniques (not advertisements), this full color glossy book will become your perfect reference guide. The Complete guide is broken up into 10 full chapters covering the full range of Kettlebell lifts from upper and lower body, core and abs and many more. Both single and double Kettlebell lifts are covered in this amazing brand new book. This book contains over 1,000 full color photos showing clear step-by-step instruction of all 191 exercises. Whether your goal is to be leaner, strong or even more muscular; The Complete Guide to Kettlebell Lifting can help you achieve your ultimate fitness goal.